Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Looking at the world though their perspectives made me realize how thankless and selfish we have become, we the so called 'Educated People'. Just a month of internship at an orphanage opened my eyes to the reality we have been denying for no reason.
   There were over fifty children, living in a small house, with not the best location or the view. The faculty had problem providing the children with clean water to drink and good food to eat, but yet, every time we sat with them to have lunch or break fast, they would eat the food as if it was made by the best chef. Where as I, or any one from my circle would make a horrible face or simply say no to that food.
 We, who have the luxury of going to good schools and colleges, have still not develop the respect for academics. We don't study the way we should, and the these children, whose eyes would light up every time they saw us entering from the green gate, would impatiently wait for us in ques in front of their classes. They would hold the pencils with such care, as if they were holding the key to eternal happiness.
 They had never gone to a proper school, the ones who had, dropped out because of financial issue. But still, they showed excellent qualities of an ideal human being, the successful and strong ones. They weren't selfish with the gifts they were given, they would share them with their fellow friends. They played with each other, and played a fair game. They lived together, and bonded better than the families I knew. They weren't genetically related, but yet they laughed and loved each other better than I have ever loved my siblings. They were foster siblings, but yet, the amount of care the reflected in their eyes for each other was phenomenal.
 On Eid-Ul-Fitr, which is one of the most joyous festivals for Muslims, all of the children were given new clothes to wear. And I will never forget the smiles that had dawned on their faces when they wore them, some of them even showed off that they were wearing new clothes. Where as the people I know, complained that the clothes weren't bought from a specific brand, or it wasn't their favorite color.
 When I left my internship, I left feeling so sad but yet so happy. Sad that I wasn't going to spend more time with these amazing children and happy because they taught me one of the most important lessons of my life. When I left, I learned, that no matter how qualified you become or how famous. It doesn't matter if you are billionaire, or broke person. What matters is what sort of person you are from the inside. If you do not have the heart to understand the pain of others, the humanity to sacrifice your happiness and the ability to forgive. Then having a billion in your account is of no good use. No matter how big you get, never forget where you came from. Be thankful to what you have, and learn to share it with the people who live around you. The people, who have given you a place that you can call home. Friends and cousins, who give you company, colleagues with whom you can share you struggles. Most importantly, thank God for blessing you with all, big or small blessings.
                                                                                                -Love Mahal

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