Monday, 23 June 2014

All Those Little Things That Matter

The thing with us is, that we are so focused on each small detail, that we somehow always miss the bigger things. And it’s not even as if all those little things are positive, they are negative. What I don’t understand is, that why do we bury them inside us, lock them up in a deep dark corner. Is it because of our mere pride issues? Or just that we think that the other person will never understand what we say.

Whoever reads this! Please, try to understand, that the person next to you or in front of you is not a mind reader. It’s not possible for them to know exactly, what hurts or what shouldn't have been done. I myself am, a child raised in a marriage, full of confusions and misunderstandings. Because when times get hard, and it feels like that every piece of your relationship is falling apart ,your understanding is the only thing that will get you through that mess. The solution is not walking away from your problems, or filing a separation/divorce. The solution is to find what brought you two together in the first place. and more importantly, at times, its not just two people being affected in chaos, but many; most importantly your children. By giving up on your relationship, or having a relationship with fights and misunderstandings, you break your child's trust and hope for their future lives. I have seen marriages getting broken off, because they are too scared to hold on to them. Their only option is to either finish the relationship, or just not get into one at all.. So anyone who reads it, don't ignore this by thinking that 'Oh look, a child is posting this. what would she know'

I do know,  I have spent years in a troubled environment, and I am telling you how it had affected me. All those parents with young children. please, don't think your actions and words will never affect your children. they may not say anything, or not show any signs of depression, discomfort and trust issues at a young age, but you have no idea, how deeply their souls are wounded by your arguments and fights.
                                                                                                  With Love, Mahal

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